Acupuncture is not done in just one way. There are many variations. We are all unique, with different problems. In having many techniques to apply, the appropriate one for your condition and constitution can be employed.  These may include:

warm needle therapy, electro-stimulation, moxabustion, infrared lamp, trigger points,  scalp acupuncture by Jiao’s method, Nogier ear acupuncture, detoxification ear acupuncture, methods of Medical Acupuncture,  ion diode cords,  Japanese style acupuncture, acupuncture guided by pulse diagnosis, acupuncture guided by abdominal palpation, gentle techniques, nonpenetrating techniques. 

Treatments are more effective if the problem hasn’t existed for too long. However, results are possible in later stages as well. We will have a better idea about the course of your treatment after the initial evaluation. 

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