Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury can produce permanent or temporary loss of function. It is often related to a deceleration that creates an impact, injuring that part of the brain and the opposite side. The symptoms vary, based on the area injured.  Scalp acupuncture can stimulate various mechanisms in the brain, such as increased blood flow, to help heal the injury. Scalp acupuncture has produced good results for post-concussion syndrome, improving memory loss, mood changes, and attention deficit. A recent search of the National Medical Library produced a review article entitled “Acupuncture for acute management and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury.” The authors reviewed all of the studies published in China since 2009, that have suggested that acupuncture can help TBI. “Included trials compared acupuncture with placebo or sham treatment, or acupuncture plus other treatments compared with the same other treatments. We excluded trials that only compared different variants of acupuncture or compared acupuncture alone against other treatments alone, as they did not yield the net effect of acupuncture.”   For the 4 RCT’s they chose to examine, which included 294 people, “The results seem to suggest that acupuncture is efficacious for these indications, however the low methodological quality of these studies renders the results questionable. No adverse effects of acupuncture were reported in any of the studies.”          

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