Scalp Acupuncture (SA) can greatly help with stroke rehabilitation. Dr. Jiao Shun-fa, a neurosurgeon, developed this technique in the 1970‘s for the treatment of stroke. Symptoms can include paralysis, hemiplegia, paresthesias, weakness, aphasia, apraxia, dysphagia, altered vision or hearing, mental and emotional changes, and problems with coordination. It is best to initiate treatments as soon as possible with ischemic stroke, and about a month after hemorrhagic stroke. Research is needed to elucidate the underlying mechanism of SA. Here are some recent studies from China:

  • Scalp acupuncture combined with body acupuncture can evidently improve limb movement function and reduce the nerve function damage in stroke patients.”
  • “Acupuncture can significantly increase blood flow and oxygen saturation in brain cortex, and the effect with combined therapy of scalp and body acupuncture is superior to that with body acupuncture.”
  • “In conclusion, SA appears to be able to improve neurological deficit score and the clinical effective rate when compared with WCM (Western Conventional Medicine)…” 
  • “Current evidences indicate that various mechanisms are associated with SA therapy for ICH-induced brain injury. They are the influences on hematoma, brain edema- and BBB, the products released from haematoma, the immune and inflammatory reaction, focal perihemorrhagic hypoperfusion and hemorheology, neuroelectrophysiology, and so on.”
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