What to Expect

The first visit will take about 90 minutes.  There will be a thorough discussion of your problem, lifestyle, and symptoms, before the examination and treatment begins. Chinese medicine is based on symptoms that you experience. Your own description  contributes more to the diagnosis than the information you may have about your condition from Western diagnosis. 

Once the imbalances of Qi and Blood are identified, an acupuncturist will place fine, sterile needles in specific points along the meridians. It is relatively safe and painless, usually leading you into a quiet, relaxed state of mind and body. While you relax, the energy in your body will move more freely, nourishing cells, organs, tissues, and muscles.  Your body’s own healing will be enhanced. 

Other modalities may be used as needed, such as massage (Tui Na), warming the needles, infrared lamp, electricity, or herbal teas. Together, these therapies help each other. You may also have some Qi Gong exercises or other home therapies prescribed for you to do. Results can occur quickly or gradually.  Chinese medicine is gentle, aimed at guiding your body into a better fundamental function over time. 

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