Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Recovery

“Stimulating the part of the brain which controls movement may improve recovery after a stroke, research suggests.”
I just wanted to share an article that came up today. It reflects on the Jiao’s scalp acupuncture and it’s success. It is great to see this kind of report in a world-news context, and the pictures are fantastic!

These Stanford researchers are genetically altering mice to stimulate just neurons, not other glial cells. They are trying to get very specific about how the brain is recovering. Something they mentioned was potentially finding a way to design drugs to do whatever happens when brain stimulus creates brain recovery.
In my opinion, the body is a massively parallel, complex system that can regulate itself. Acupuncture treatments create an array of effects. No single, directed stimulus will perform as well as a collection of effects. That is simply the way we are. We are nonlinear, complex, and consist of interconnected actions and reactions.
Dr. Jishun Hao has been looking at this effect on the brain for over 30 years! From his teachers, Jiao Shun-fa, Yu Zhi-shun, and Sun Shen-tian, plus research done in China, Taiwan and Korea, we already know that stimulating an injured brain creates a cascade of effects that helps the brain recover. Jiao showed that the EEG gets activated by the scalp needles. This then creates increased blood flow, generation of local growth factors that help nerves regenerate, etc.

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