“I sought out Dr. Homyak for treatment of MS-induced repetitive flexor spasms in my right leg and foot. Drug therapy had not been very successful. Dr. Homyak’s medical background was important to me for my first venture into acupuncture. I appreciated her helpful explanations and graphics showing scalp acupuncture theory. 
After about 8 scalp and spinal acupuncture treatments, the spasms lessened in intensity and frequency to the point I was able to reduce my intake of baclofen and gabapentin.  In addition, the MS had caused bladder spasms for nearly 20 years for which I had been successfully medicated.  To my pleasant surprise, my bladder spasms were so reduced that I was able to stop taking all incontinence medication! “

“I have Bell’s palsy for about three years, and went to acupuncture clinic for other things. After one treatment with the head needles, I was able to chew my food better. Those needles made a big difference from the acupuncture I had before. “  L. G.

“After my breast surgeries, I was in a lot of pain, especially at night. I had to take pain pills to get to sleep.  After the acupuncture treatment, I didn’t need to take the pills and fell asleep easily.  And there were no needles in my arms, just my head and ears.” C.S.

“My work requires me to stand, all day. The pain in my heels was really not getting that much better with the acupuncture I had been getting. When I walked around with the head needles, the pain was gone. “  B.J.

“I seem to have problems sleeping since menopause. During my second treatment, I broke down and cried. I felt tired after the treatment, but my sleep has been much better now.”   S. F. 

“I’ve been getting acupuncture to help me with low energy after chemotherapy.  The treatments have helped me feel better, and were very relaxing. Michelle has a gentle, supportive way about her.” P. M. 

“My PMS involved mood swings and bloating, and my period was very painful. Having the acupuncture treatments around that time has helped things go much smoother. The herbs were great too. ”  M.P.

“When I came into work with a migraine, Michelle insisted on treating me. The pain went  way down, and my stomach felt better. It was definitely easier to focus and talk with patients after the acupuncture.”   J.T. 

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